@mountaingirls & Burton Girls Beach Gathering

September 29th over 140 people joined in to meet up and have a good time at Point Dume in Malibu California. I was surely nervous as this would turn out to be the largest gathering I have ever hosted!

Since 2015 I have been creating gatherings for women to get into the outdoors, make new friends and find support in our outdoor endeavors together. It has always meant a lot to me to have the support of my female friends in sports like snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking and anything that challenges physical abilities. The way we learn together, teach each other and show support is unique. With the girls around, we talk about things that are relative to our lives, cry over broken nails and smeared mascara. Silly stuff happens when we get together. Most importantly the way we push and inspire one another is heartfelt, sincere, full of love and hugs. There is a strong aspect of nurture between girls and a lack of this in my past has given me the drive to begin annual gatherings. Since 2015 I have successfully hosted over eleven meet ups. My goal is to keep this movement alive.

When I started tooling with the idea of the Malibu gathering, I really wanted to find a way to get everyone together - men, women and kids. I knew there would be a different dynamic I hadn’t experienced yet and that made me excited. Over 150 people signed up through a pop-up adventure I had created on an app called Adventure Aide. The app is like an Airbnb for adventures, where you can search and sign up for outdoor experiences local to you. It is an awesome app and I plan to continue use of it.

My goals with the beach adventure were more than about getting people together to have a good time, climb and make new friends. All of those wonderful experiences are usually expected with each meetup. What I really wanted to do, was get everyone together and bring an awareness to the fragility of our natural playgrounds. Point Dume is a gorgeous towering rock overlooking the coastline in Malibu. A beautiful beach with wildlife, succulent plants, rich clay trails… littered with trash. A beach so close to a major city is an at risk area for toxic run off and litter. If we don’t work together to keep our nature clean, we will eventually lose our freedom to have gatherings in these areas.

I knew I needed help with my plans and reached out to Burton. I let them know about my upcoming planned adventure and they were stoked to be a part of the good things we could all accomplish together. I knew we would make the perfect team - Burton has published their 2020 Sustainability Goals and are laser focused on maximizing their positive social impact while minimizing their environmental impacts in the works of becoming fully sustainable by the year 2020. They are a part of Blue Sign Systems which makes sure material goods are made with no air and water pollutants from start to finish. They are also a member of the Fair Labor Association ensuring each member of their team is working in a happy and healthy environment. Burton HQ offers conduct sustainability-focused classes workshops to for their employees, awesome courses workshops on how to farm your own food to how to make your own beer - and so much more!! In exchange for our clean up, Burton donated a ton of items for men and women to win from their sustainable line of goods. The ultimate incentive! Organic Tees, reusable water bottles and Blue Sign approved products were all tossed into the goodie bag so that each person who won could feel like they got something back that made as much of a difference as they did in the clean up.. It feels good to invest in something that makes a difference in this world and Burton has our backs - literally.

The morning of the 29th we started early, setting up climbs, putting up our tents and welcoming each person as they arrived. The day ended up being total blast! Over 70 people signed up to climb!! New friends were made and of course.. the pile of trash bags was immense!! My goals were met, as both men and women could enjoy this experience together. Smiles, hugs and high fives were happening the entire day and the connection was real.

Something that meant the most to me personally — aside from getting the beach cleaned up... I knew deep down that each member of the gathering was going to walk away with a new appreciation for our natural playgrounds. The day will stick with everyone for a long time, and the next time a piece of trash is spotted on the ground, chances are - they will pick it up. Having a shared experience like this is something that will stay engraved in our memories for years to come and a story we can share with one another to inspire those around us to do the same.

Thank you Burton, for helping me make a world of difference!! I am hoping to do this again soon!! Much Love!